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Cross country

On Saturday 2nd February we took part in a girls cross country event. Grace, Molly, Abigail, Ellierose, Sara, Shannon and Maise went to a cross country race at Kersley Grange Primary School. The course was very muddy and the weather was both very cold and very windy. The distance was just over a mile and both A and Bteams did really well. In the B race our school came in 5thplace. In the end the whole team got a certificate for taking part. Thank you to Mr Powis, Miss Furlong, Mrs Murphy and all parents for taking and supporting us.


On the 31st of January Molly, Sam, Jacob, Jimmy, Ethan and

Shannon went to a basketball tournament at Counden Primary school. We played five games; we won three and lost two.

Our first game was against Whitmore Park which we lost 4-0. Our second game was against Bablake, we won this 2-0 yay the first game we have won in three years! The next game was against Coundon A (they had two teams) we also won this game 2-0. However, Christ the King sadly

beat us 8-0. Luckily, we won our fifth game 6-2!

The overall places were: Christ the King, Bablake, Coundon A /St Gregory’s and then Coundon B. Thank you to Mr Powis who was our coach at the tournament.