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Am I responsible for my childs school attendance?

At St Gregory’s we believe it is vital that children attend school regularly and on time and a positive approach to promoting good attendance is in place.

The school must be notified of any absence from school as soon as possible. We are legally bound to record absences as ‘authorised’ or ‘unauthorised’ and these figures are passed on to the Local Authority,Governors, OFSTED and the Department for Education (DFE) amongst others.

Authorised or Unauthorised Absence

Authorised absence is absence with permission from the Head Teacher. This includes instances of absences for which a satisfactory explanation has been provided (e.g. illness).

Unauthorised absence is absence without permission from the Head Teacher. This includes all unexplained or unjustified absences (e.g. oversleeping, birthday, child refusing to come to school, concerns about behaviour, helping with household chores, looking after other children). It is the school’s decision to decide whether an absence is authorised or unauthorised.

Absence due to illness

Please notify the school on the first day of absence by either telephone, letter, fax or email.

Our contact details are as follows:

Telephone: 7644 5900

Fax: 7665 0274


Office staff will be pleased to take your call in the Office. Unless notification is received school will contact you in the course of the morning to query the absence.

Absence due to annual holiday

Whilst appreciating that some parents have little choice in their annual holiday dates, we would urge you to consider the detrimental effect of time lost from school. In planning holidays and appointments, please consider the school calendar and term dates, so as to avoid children missing lessons, key assessment times and important school events. Please note that homework will not be issued for children who miss school due to holidays – they will have to catch up on their return.

Should you need to take your child out of school for a holiday, you must arrange a meeting with the Head to complete a holiday form and to discuss the reasons for the absence. A decision will be made whether to authorise the absence. The Local Authority advise us not to authorise holidays in term time and parents may receive a Penalty Notice and fine (per parent, per child) if time is still taken off school. Children whose attendance causes concern will be followed up by the school and Local Authority.

Attendance data: September 2011 to May 2012

Number on Roll of compulsory school age (Y1 – Y6) 171

Percentage authorised absence 4.07 %

Total unauthorised absence 0.81%

Average attendance 95.12 %

Late Arrival at School

Poor punctuality gives the pupil who is late a difficult and negative start to their day and disrupts the teaching and learning of the whole class. Registration time is an important part of the school day and is used as a time for greetings, sharing news and preparing the class ready for the business of learning.

Details including time of arrival are kept of all pupils who are late. This log can be used as prosecution evidence in court proceedings in the event of persistent lateness. Information about the pupil’s punctuality is recorded on their end of year report.

A School Attendance Officer is attached to the school, regularly checks the registers and will contact parents in cases of irregular attendance.

It is essential to let us know the identity of anyone you ask to collect your child if you change the usual arrangements.

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