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Our Mission Statement is a short phrase which all children will be able to say and understand and which will sum up everything about what the school is trying to achieve. Our Mission Statement is:

Servus Servorum Dei Learning and Growing in the Service of God’

The Latin part of the phrase is the title St. Gregory gave to himself when he was elected Pope. It translates as ‘Servant of the Servants of God’.The English part relates to the Latin but also attempts to sum up why the school exists. Children come to school to learn and also to grow not just physically, but also intellectually, morally, emotionally, socially and of course spiritually.Underpinning the Statement is a set of school aims, objectives, tasks and performance indicators covering five categories of school life as suggested by the Archdiocese. They will enable the school to ensure that we continue to strive towards our overall aims and objective s.

History of the school.

St Gregory's School was opened in September 1971 after taking nearly two years to build.The school was built due to increasing numbers of children in the parish schools of St John Fisher and Sacred Heart.
When the school was opened many children from the surrounding parishes were transferred across. To begin with the classrooms were all open plan and there wasn't even a completed playground for the children to use. To raise money for the playground a bonfire on bonfire night was arranged! The picture on the right is the first Staff photo taken in 1971.
The school has seen many changes over the years from new classrooms to a new library, adventure play areas to ICT suites.Through out the years the school has welcomed many different members of staff through it doors.
Mr Richard Carson was the first head teacher and remained head for nearly 30 years until his retirement in 1999 when Mr Paul Ryan joined the school as head. In September 2008 Mrs Ina Murphy became Headteacher.