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Romero helps Rosie

St, Gregorys School Council fund Raising Event – October 2014

Rosie’s sister attends Ss Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School and their school council has asked our school council and other school councils to help raise money for her sister.

Rosie was born in Coventry in 2005 with a condition called microcephaly/polymicrogyria, this condition causes her lots of problems. As well as restricting her learning ability, her gross motor skills are very limited which confines her to a wheelchair.  Rosie is unable to walk and can only roll or pivot to get around at home.

Rosie was told she could have an operation which would help the pain and maybe one day she would be able to walk.  Rosie was so excited that her life might one day change and her mum would have some much needed rest.  A week before the operation was due the NHS decided to withdraw the funds on this particular operation and her family were told they would have to fund it themselves.  Rosie was so upset.

Rosie’s mum then set up a charity called "Rosie’s Dreams” and hopes they can raise the £15,000 needed for the operation.

St Gregorys School Council has decided to do a "Time Capsule” where each child can write their own letter about their school day.  Each letter will cost a pound and will be placed in the time capsule and finally buried in the school grounds.  Our staff are also joining in and we are all very excited that one day someone will find the capsule and be able to read our letters.  Of course the main thing is that we have helped Rosie have the chance of a better life.

Thank you for your support