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'Frogs' The Friends and Relatives of St Gregory's School


Because we include everyone who is a Friend or Relative Of St Gregory'sSchool!

Who is in FROGS?

Simple Answer - EVERYONE!

Every parent automatically becomes a member of FROGS when their children join the school. A committee exists made up of parents and staff but all parents are welcome to meetings to offer ideas for events.

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What does FROGS do?

The aims of the Association are

To enhance the home/school partnership

To provide a forum for parents and other friends of the school to meet with staff and exchange ideas

To maintain and further strengthen relationships between the school and the local community

To organise a series of social events during the school year to raise funds for the school.

What happens to the money raised?

Each year we usually raise between £2,000 - £3,000 for the school. This money is always gratefully recieved and is spent on agreed items to further improve the learning environment for the children. Examples include:

Playground equipment

Improvements to the school grounds

Musical instruments

PE equipment

Library books

Computer hardware/software

FROGS Events

FROGS have organised many events throughout the year. Here are some of our recent events.

Race Night

Christmas Funderland

Music Evening and BBQ

'Summer Spectacular' Fete

Sports Day

Any parent or friend is allowed to attend our committee meetings - please check the weekly school newsletter for details. We usually meet once or twice a term.

If you need any further information please speak to a member of the committee. The current committee consists of: Mrs Murphy, Mr Sweatman and Mrs Bartlett. Other parents who regularly attend can also give you information.