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All children wear school uniform and take pride in their sense of belonging to the school.St. Gregory’s school uniform has been especially chosen because it is inexpensive and widely available. It is expected that all parents will co-operate and dress their children following the guidelines set out below.

For safety reasons, please do not send children into school wearing jewellery. In the case of pierced ears, simple small studs may be worn but the staff are not responsible for injuries resulting from wearing them. As staff are not allowed to remove or replace earrings under the Health and Safety Regulations, it is essential that all children wearing stud earrings are able to take them out and replace them themselves.


Responsibility for the safe keeping of jewellery rests with the owner i.e. the child. Other types of earrings are not allowed.

School uniform consists of:

General Items

Navy pullover, cardigan or school sweat shirt

Light blue shirt, blouse or polo shirt

Grey trousers, skirt or pinafore

Navy/Gold tie

Sensible black shoes (other types provide a health and safety hazard)

Blue/White dress (summer wear)


Black shorts

Light blue T-shirt (or school T-shirt)

Black pumps

Trainers, football boots and tracksuits may be needed for outdoor games